viernes, 29 de junio de 2007

Thursday 28th of June,2007

I forgot write yesteday because I was quite busy. Yesterday class was very normal but only went four of eight students. We practiced with different kinds of exams for will be more relax for next monday, when we will be our final exam.

Friday 29th of June,2007.

This is the last time that I wrote for my dear Blog because today is the last day of the course.
Today I did not go to the school, I dicided to come to my home yesterday and I am not in Puebla, I am in Tlaxcala. Writing in the Blog was a good experience for me and helps me to develope my writing skills. I only should study for my final exam that will be next monday and I think is not a problem, I hope to obtain a good grade.

jueves, 28 de junio de 2007

Wednesday 27th of June,207

Today we read some articles about how memorize different things like numbers or names, and how learn a foreign languge.
After read we answered some questions about the articles that we read. For me the advices are not very interesting and was quite boring read about memorize methods.

Tuesday 26th of June,2007

Today in class we finished the last unit of the book, I think is not necesary more classes, because the course was finished. But the calendar says that the course finish in three days and I do not have more absences for don't go to class. We finished the book with an excercise about correct some mistakes in a letter, I think this kind of excercises are the most difficult for me and I need to do more excercises because I am not very good.

lunes, 25 de junio de 2007

Monday 25th of June,2007

Today in class we saw a film of course in english, the film was "My cousin Vinny".Before the movie we did some excercise of vocabuary about law, because the film was about a crime. When we knew some vocabulary we saw all the movie and after the movie we answered some excercices about the film. I loved the class of today because I think was wonderful because I practiced my listening skills and was fun to see a movie. We should see more movies because was great.

Friday 22th of June,2007

I did not go to the school because I am sick yet and I do not know anything about school.

I hope my class do not learn a new topic because I am worried for the final exam that will be in one week. Today I could not do an exam of maths and I hope the teacher wants change me the date of the exam because if I do not do the exam I will be dead man.

Thursday 21th of June,207

Today I did not go to school because I have cold and flu. We have a homework about a video of Youtube, we need to choose a video of a conversation and then make a report about the conversation. I chose a video of The Simpson because is my favorite cartoon. With this homework we practice our listening skills and writing skills. I like homeworks that are not very commons like this. I hate homeworks like answer pages of the book.